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portland's first environmentally- and socially-responsible cleaning service



During this challenging and uncertain time Domestica is providing enhanced disinfecting and cleaning services for our clients


Our Customers Can Expect

Enhanced Disinfecting & Cleaning Services

About Domestica

  • Since 2001 – Portland’s first socially- and environmentally-responsible cleaning company.
  • We pay living wages because we value the work they do and know happy employees equal happy clients!
  • We supply all the equipment and cleaning supplies necessary for the job, including Domestica’s own line of non-toxic cleaning products and Miele HEPA filter vacuums.
  • Domestica staff are employees (not contractors) and are bonded and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
  • There are no contracts to sign for residential clients.
  • All client’s keys and security alarm codes are secure and confidential.
  • Our services are 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction.



We offer environmentally responsible residential and commercial cleaning in Portland, Oregon



We offer many services to fit your specific needs. Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning includes the complete services listed below:

In Every Room

  • Furniture, pictures, knick-knacks, and mini-blinds dusted.
  • Entry floor washed.
  • Wastebaskets emptied & rooms tidied.
  • Beds made.
  • Hardwood floors cleaned.

In the Kitchen

  • Sinks, faucets and counters cleaned and polished.
  • Outside of appliances and inside of microwave cleaned.
  • Cupboard exteriors spot cleaned.
  • Floors and baseboards washed.
  • Table and chairs wiped off.

In the Bathroom

  • Bathtub, shower, sink and toilet cleaned and sanitized.
  • Floors and baseboards hand washed.
  • Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and polished.
  • Cabinets spot-cleaned.
  • Towels folded.

If you have just had remodeling or contstruction work done, please call our office at 503-222-2334 or send an email and we will be happy to provide you with a custom estimate.


Our commercial clients can expect the same attention to detail we provide our residential customers. We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses including:

  • Professional offices.
  • Retail.
  • Spas and salons.
  • Move-in / move out cleaning for homes and apartments.
  • Post-construction and remodeling cleanup.



Get an estimate and book online in 60 seconds




For pricing for your home,  use our handy online estimator tool to instantly estimate and book your appointment.  Simply click the “Book Now” button at the top of the page to get started.

When estimating number of bedrooms, count every room outside of your kitchen and living room – bedrooms, office, den, separate dining room, finished basement/attic, etc.  For 1/2 bathrooms, round up to the next full bath.

For move-in/move-out cleanings, please add Inside Refrigerator, Inside Oven, Inside Kitchen Cabinets and Inside Bathroom Cabinets to your booking.


Commercial rates depend on the size, type and location of business, number of employees and frequency of service. We offer packages from daily to monthly service or anything in between. Please call 503-222-2334 or send us an email at to arrange an onsite estimate.


We accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks.


Cleaning Tips


Have a cleaning condundrum? Get cleaning advice from Domestica! We have tips for every corner of your house - it's what we do best!


** Coronavirus Cleaning Tips **

The CDC recommends disinfecting and cleaning high-touch areas daily.

These areas include:  Keyboards, phones, light switches, doorknobs, handles, counters, toilets and sinks using:

Clean the area first with any household cleaner before disinfecting.

PLEASE READ OUR LATEST POST for more tips to keep you and your household safe during this uncertain perios.


Use baking soda to sprinkle and cover the bottom of your oven. Spray the baking soda with water until very damp, and keep moist by spraying every few hours.

Leave overnight. In the morning, remove the baking soda and grime with a spatula. Rinse the oven well. Washing soda can be substituted for half the baking soda for really tough jobs but requires more rinsing and is caustic (wear gloves).

Note: Washing soda, made by Arm & Hammer, is found in the laundry detergent area of some grocery stores.


Pour one cup baking soda or 1/2 cup washing soda down the drain followed by three cups boiling water.


Many commercial window cleaners leave wax buildup. The first time you clean windows before using our recommended cleaner, you should wash them with a solution of 1/2 teaspoons vegetable-oil based soap (such as Dr. Bronner’s), 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar and two cups warm water in a labeled squirt bottle. Shake to blend, then spray on windows and wipe clean using a cotton diaper.*

For every day window cleaning, as well as mirrors and chrome fixtures, all you need is club soda in a spray bottle. The sodium citrate in club soda softens the water and provides superior, streak-free cleaning. This is what we using in our professional cleaning services.


For general cleaning, use soap-based, no-aerosol rug shampoo and vacuum when dry.

To neutralize carpet odors, sprinkle baking soda over entire carpet. Leave on overnight. Sweep off as much as you can, vacuum the rest.

Spills: Blot quickly with cotton towels. Club soda or clear water is effective on some stains, including alcoholic beverages, coffee, or tomato-based food. Pulverized chalk will absorb grease.

Urine: A solution of equal parts white vinegar and water may be sprayed or sponged onto the stain. Let stand for about 10 minutes before blotting with sponge or paper towel.

Fiberglass Stain Remover

Squirt Domestica’s Tub & Tile Scrub onto the area and spread with a sponge. Let sit two hours or overnight and rinse.

Vinyl Floors

Damp mop using one cup vinegar in two gallons warm water.

Wood Floors

For unvarnished floors, damp mop using Domestica’s All-Purpose Cleaner. We recommend White Pine for a fresh, clean scent.

For varnished floors, damp mop using one part vinegar to 10 parts water.

Source: The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.

Removing Black Heel Marks

Rub a small portion of Domestica’s Tub & Tile Scrub on the scuff mark using a white-backed scrubbee sponge and rinse well.

If the floor finish is removed, you may be able to restore it using 1/2 cup cornstarch and enough water to make a paste. Rub this mixture into the spot, let dry, then buff to a polish.

Source: The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.


For laundry, try: 1/2 cup 3 percent hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice added during the rinse cycle, or 1/2 cup washing soda added to warm- or hot-water wash cycles. Note: Washing soda, made by Arm & Hammer, is found in the laundry detergent area of some grocery stores.

Metal Polish

Use natural acids such as vinegar and lemon juice to clean aluminum, bronze, brass and copper.

Combine three teaspoons salt, one tablespoon flour and enough white distilled vinegar to make a paste. Scoop paste onto a clean sponge and polish bronze, brass or copper. Rinse with hot water and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Rub white toothpaste into silver, and then polish with a soft, clean cloth. Apple cider vinegar may be used to clean chrome. Polish chrome using club soda.





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We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions regarding our service and products.



Call or Text:


Mailing Address:

2808 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite L
Portland, Oregon 97212






Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We serve all neighborhoods in N, NW, NE, SW and SE Portland.

For one-time service outside of our normal service areas (Beaverton, Tigard, Milwaukie, Clackamas and Lake Oswego), please call our office at 503-222-2334 or email us at for a custom estimate and to schedule your appointment.

Q. Does Domestica supply all the necessary green cleaning supplies to get the job done?
A: Domestica provides all the equipment and supplies necessary for the job, including Domestica’s own line of non-toxic cleaning products and Miele H.E.P.A. filter vacuums.

(Please note: In the majority of all cleanings, we use environmentally-safe, non-toxic cleaning products.  However, at some first-time cleanings, stronger, traditional products may be necessary to remove excessive buildup or limescale. If you have any specific sensitivities or issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.)

Q: What if you stay longer than anticipated to finish the job?
A: Unlike many other services, Domestica has a service quote, not a time quote for our “Book Now” cleanings. This means this means that the cleaners will stay as long as they need to complete the cleaning at no additional cost under most circumstances.

All first-time and move-in/move-out cleaning rates are quoted for homes in normal condition that have been receiving general maintenance cleaning.

In situations where a home has been neglected for a long period of time – or in hoarding clean-up situations – rates will be increased for the first cleaning.

(Please note that per OSHA regulations, we are not able to handle any animal waste.)

Subsequent cleanings performed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis will be at our regular, fixed rate.

Q: Do I have to be home while you clean?
A: You do not have to be home for your cleaning, in fact most of our clients prefer not to be.

If you will not be there to let the cleaner in, simply leave us detailed entry instructions when you schedule your appointment online so we know how to gain access to your home. Your home will be locked when the cleaner leaves.

For regular service, Domestica will keep a copy of your house key in our office. All keys are kept in locked security box, identifiable only by a key number and never kept with your address or any other identifiable information.

Q: Will the same cleaner show up for all my appointments?
A: We make every effort to send the same cleaning team every time. In the case vacation or illness, a replacement employee will be sent with your regular team member.

Trust & Safety

Q: Are you insured and bonded?
A: Yes, all Domestica employees are insured, bonded and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

We treat your home with the same care as we would our own, and are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 24 hours.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Domestica has been in business serving thousands of homes and businesses in the Portland area since 2001 and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Q: Can I trust Domestica cleaners?
A: Absolutely. All Domestica cleaners are highly trained, background and reference checked, as well as insured and bonded.

All cleaners are full employees of our company, not independent contractors. We pay all applicable state, local and employment taxes.

Q: Is Domestica pet safe?
A: We love animals, but they don’t always love us. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements while are in your home. You can leave detailed pet instructions during the online scheduling process.

Q: Can you provide references?
A: Of course!  We are proud to have so many loyal, satisfied customers. You can read what  our clients are saying about us here through our Google and Yelp reviews and would be happy to provide more detailed references on request.

Q: Does Domestica use cleaning products that are safe for all surfaces?
A: All of our employees are trained to use products that are safe for all surfaces, including stainless steel, tiles, glass and wood and wood floors.


Q: Why do you require a “Deep Cleaning” for new customers?

A: The Deep Cleaning is the required level of service for first-time customers and anyone who has not had a regular cleaner or is changing cleaning services.

This is a comprehensive cleaning of all out-facing services in your home, focusing on dusting and scrubbing any areas that need a little extra TLC.

Q: What is a Move-in/Move-out cleaning?
A: A move-in/move-out cleaning is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom cleaning which includes all the outward-facing details of the Deep Clean in addition to the insides of all appliances, cupboards and closets.

Q: Are your services guaranteed?
A: Absolutely! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your service, please contact our office within 24 hours of our visit and we will return to correct any oversight at no charge.

Q: Can I give special instructions to the cleaners and make special requests?
A: Yes, special instructions can be left for the cleaning professional when you schedule your appointment online. After the clean is complete, you can rate your Domestica experience and update your special instructions if you want something cleaned differently.

Please Note: For the safety of our employees and to protect your floors, we are unable to move furniture other than dining chairs and small coffee or end tables.

We will vacuum under all accessible furniture.

Q: Do you clean offices and other commercial spaces?
A: Yes. Domestica cleans small-to-medium sized businesses as well as post-remodel and post-construction cleaning.

As each commercial space is different, please call us at 503-222-2334, or email and we will set an appointment for an in-person estimate.



Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We require credit card payment for all first-time residential clients.

Clients who choose recurring service after their initial cleaning will be set up on an auto-pay schedule through their checking account.

If you would like to use your credit card for recurring service, there is a 3.5% service fee.

Q: When does my credit card or checking account get charged?
A: Your account will be charged on or after the day of service.

In rare instances, auto-pay payments may debit your account on the day before your scheduled service date.

Q: What if I would like a cleaning by the hour?
A: For clients who would like a special service outside of our normal scope of work, our rates are $52 per cleaner, per hour.

Please call our office at 503-222-2334 or send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We understand that unplanned issues arise, and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

If this should happen, we ask that you call us at 503-222-2334 or email us at to inform us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

If you miss, cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, a cancellation fee will be assessed for 50% of the total cost of your original cleaning service.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with us in regard to this policy in that it helps up continue to provide the best possible service to our clients in a timely manner.


Q: Will you do my laundry or clean my windows? What if I need extra services?
A: Our cleaners do not do laundry, dishes or clean pet boxes. Extra services include:

  • Interior of oven or refrigerator – $35-$50
  • Interior, reachable windows (using step-stool) – $7-$15 per pane.
  • Wall washing  – $45-$65 per room. If you need any extra services, please make a notation on your online order and we will contact you with pricing.

Q: What is I would like my sheets changed?
A: We always make the bed. If you want us to remake the bed with new sheets (top sheet, bottom sheet & bedspread), just leave your new sheets on top of the bed.

Q: What if I’ve just had renovation work done?
A: We provide a customized post-construction / post-remodel clean for these types of situations.

Please call our office at 503-222-2334 or send an email and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.



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