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    • Office Cleaning

Project Overview

Domestica started working with Fortis Construction in early 2022, providing nightly weekday service for their 5,000 sq. ft. SW Portland headquarters.

The Problem

At the time, Fortis was using a large, nationwide janitorial chain for five-night-per-week service.  Despite the frequency, employees would often come into the office and see only the most basic tasks completed if that.  Entry code records showed on some evenings, the janitorial staff was not even in the building for more than 30 minutes.

However, despite sub-standard service, Fortis was still paying a fair price for their contact and feeling frustrated.

How We Helped

After a comprehensive walk through of their offices, we put together a 35-point daily cleaning checklist ranging from the largest of tasks (vacuuming and mopping the floor nightly) to the smallest details (polishing elevators and scuff marks at the bases of cabinets).

We created a frequency schedule (daily, twice-per-week, weekly) for certain areas and items to make sure that everything was cleaned as often and thoroughly as needed, but also being mindful of a reasonable budget.

The Result

While we were not able to compete on price (our bid was twice the price the previous company), Fortis has been thrilled to have a company that provides reliable, thorough service while also adhering to the same values: a company that cares about its employees, its clients and the environment.


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