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Even though it feels like we aren’t even finished with winter, spring is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning your spring cleaning

While we try to keep up with basic tasks, nothing feels more satisfying than a deep cleaning of an (often) forgotten area.

These are four of our personal favorites!

1. Transition Winter to Summer Clothes

The best first step is to edit your wardrobe and decide which clothes you want to keep, donate or give away.

  • While it’s easy to want to hold on to sentimental pieces (or aspirational sizes) some good questions to ask yourself are “Have I worn this in the last year?”  “Does it still fit?”  “Does this style still represent who I am”?   If not, give it away (or consign it).
  • Store clean, out-of-season clothes in appropriate garment bags and clear bins and take this opportunity to clean the inside of your closet.
  • Wipe down shelves and racks and vacuum and/or clean the floor.
  • Don’t forget to add cedar blocks or other anti-moth protection to the boxes and bins!

2. Clean the Inside of Your Refrigerator

A great time to do this is right before a big shopping trip, when the fridge is less full.

    • Remove contents and toss anything past its expiration date and/or any mummifying fruits and veggies hiding in those bottom bins.
    • Take out bins and drawers and add warm water and a drop of dish soap and let them soak if needed.
    • Remove shelves and spray with non-toxic all-purpose cleaner or wash with warm soapy water in the sink.
    • Wipe sides and bottom using a white-backed sponge to scrub any stubborn drips.
    • Rinse and dry shelves and bins before putting them back (I use a dishtowel in each hand to dry both sides at the same time).
    • While you are at it, don’t forget to clean your coils – clean coils will extend the life of your compressor and reduce electricity use by up to 30%..
    • See an amazing before and after here!


3. Spring Clean Tops and Covers of Books

I remembered how often I forget this when I moved some shelving units to install new furniture. It surprised me how much dust had accumulated not only on the tops of the books but the backs of the open shelves.

  • Use a vacuum brush attachment, microfiber cloth or feather duster on the tops and bottoms of pages.
  • For cloth and paper covers, a dry microfiber cloth is your best bet to avoid any moisture damage.
  • For leather-bound books, use a small amount of saddle soap and a lint-free cloth to clean the cover.
  • Taking books out in sections is a great time to wipe off and dry the shelves, as well.


4. Interior Windows & Tracks

Choose a cloudy day to avoid to avoid streaks (the cleaning solution won’t dry out as fast). If you are lucky enough to have casement windows that open inward, you can get your exterior windows done at the same time.

  • Start by vacuuming out your window tracks
  • Add a few drops of dish soap to a bucket of warm water.
  • Gently clean the window with the scrubby side  of a white-backed sponge.
  • Wipe the edges of the window with a lint-free cloth
  • Dry the window using a squeegee, top to bottom, left to right
  • Use a dry, lint-free cloth as a final finishing wipe down
  • Use a toothbrush and sponge to clean inside window tracks
  • Give window tracks and window sills a final wipe down with a clean cloth.

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